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Lyallpur Galleria

Ever wondered how quickly the ethos transforms? They change faster than the regular pace of time. Conquering time is hence the ultimate win. Lyallpur Galleria is one such prodigy that has aced the tick tock of the clock. The first time in Faisalabad, Premier Developers bring forth a sterling avenue to invest. It is not a shopping galleria, it is not a hotel; it is not even a play land or a cinema. It is all.

Easily Accessible

Lyallpur Galleria is for those who want to win. The dream location of this project in the metropolitan City of Faisalabad is simply fascinating. Lyallpur Galleria under positive and welcoming environs ideally erects on the Canal Road, near Metro Bus Network.  It is the most promising site when it comes to business returns.

Set your choice

Lyallpur Galleria is a one door shopping paradise where there is everything starting from retail of local brands to superlative international ones. Whether you are a dealer in clothes, or you make jewels, whether it is the crockery or your offering is shoes and bags, Lyallpur Galleria accommodates all. You can set your business in any field of retail in your shop unit.

A chain of investment options

Lyallpur Galleria offers a series of investment options. The availabilities are not restricted to shop units only; there is much more. At the Lyallpur Galleria there is a state of the art Food Court to accommodate national and international food brands. There are ornate dining spaces and cinemas to enthrall the comers with bewitching ambiance. Also there are coffee shops, juice bars and a whole range of business options in the plan.

The Entertainment Polestar

The Lyallpur Galleria is only one of its kinds in Faisalabad which is the nerve center of all the entertainment activities. Lyallpur Galleria offers top notch entertaining games for both adults and kids. There is a diversified Fun Land with all the enchanting amenities. Moreover, there are commodious and modish Cinemas to feature all the latest movies, a billiard room to enjoy indoor games, cigar rooms where people get to spend quality time with peers and discuss philosophy.

Fitness Club and facilities

Lyallpur Galleria is the stay healthy spot. It is a fitness oasis which features all that one needs to keep himself in the best shape. There are Gymnasiums for both ladies and gents separately. The hall is decked with modern well researched cardiovascular technology. There is also a Club House proffering infinite facilities. The design includes Sauna Jacuzzis, Table Tennis Courts, special area for Aerobics, Physiotherapy Center, a massage parlor, locker rooms, changing rooms, separate bathrooms and a Sports Shop.  

Get, Set, Discover

In addition to the wondrous amenities and provisions of the Lyallpur Galleria, the design plan proposes a prolific chain of statement Bookstores to install local and international books conveniently. There is also an Art Gallery where paintings, artworks and antique items rule the display. Exhibitions and other such events can be accommodated there which returns phenomenally well.

The Stopover lodges

Lyallpur Galleria is not just a place to visit and go, it offers more. This magical construct offers palatial Residential Serviced Suites, Rest Houses, and Penthouses to provide the million dollars business opportunity. The units are meticulously designed in line with modern architecture, are well furnished with exquisite lineaments and fittings. Each unit carries a spacious bathroom and private balcony.

It is not done yet

This is not all. Yes, the Lyallpur Galleria has as long list of amenities which people fail to count and we fail to cite. There are amenities which merit mention alongside the ones already discussed. There is a customized Parking Area which has three segments. One is the staff parking. The other two are the long term and short term parking for the visitors to choose as per their time rosters. There are foolproof 24/7 Electronic Security Systems and a manual action for total security. Some other provisions include:

  • Fire Safety

  • Signage System

  • Standby Power Generator

  • Prayer Hall

  • Toilets

  • Climate Control

  • Lifts and Elevators

The exclusive services by the Lyallpur Galleria also include:

  • Festivity Management

  • Property Management

  • House Keeping

  • Security

Book your unit now

Investment at the right time at the right place is the key to a successful business. Lyallpur Galleria being the one and only specialized entertainment hub of Faisalabad is attracting interest of both the investors and the consumers. Book your business unit now at the wondrous site. The offerings are shops of big and small sizes for brands, food chains, and all other businesses. The Cinema, the Gymnasium, the Serviced Suites are all waiting your accord. Go through the easy booking and payment plans and reserve your desired area now.